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ill inside jokes

ill inside jokes
pimpin pics
quool quotes and damn good disses
kickin comments


Inside jokes with Raychel:
oh shitter focker!
get away motherbiyaaatch
this pimp right hurr gotta do his ghetto sheets
lets blast some tunes hurr
ganging up on jake
are you bri-ish??
are you a beck child? ah i know your mother!
what the hell do you think your doing?
"maybe you should go back to that doctor and get him to suck the fat out of your head" "well maybe i will and then i'll get it injected into my feet and skate around on paul bunions flapjacks" "that made no sense" "it doesnt have to i'm beautiful!"
"you cant let him come in here, hes fat!" "well if my son cant come in, then maybe i just will....see you at home chris"
"well, there was a very famous botanist names mona klechlachen" "thats nice" "or maybe it was marvin klechlachen??" talk talk talk "Lynda Klechlachen!!"
"but i dont want to take off my cloak" "wtf" "well we're in the cloak room!"
imagine my surprise! lmao
UP  HIGH! down looooow!
east side! west side!
whoop-de-doo basil
the boobshake dance
stung to the quick!!
toronto la bumba la quita say la portia degrassi-a
el i to see antee ant a loo tanoo is this atlant a fast approaching plane
but sinus
fall out of a car with a broken neck try to walk it off lol
i like meese (plural for mooses)
she is already minus ten for me
pssssh IDIOT
tina you fat lard come get your dinner
call to win with the bomine phoneline
i got a dollar i got a dollar i got a dollar hey hey hey hey
hi, my names eric bohitle
bob haikenshnikeldeedoodledoodle
quantala milla aida quantala milla aida quantalla miiiiiiiiiiiiiiilla
half time oh oh oh oh oh
oh snaaaaap
beer bellies lol raychel and scotty
hi ho silver awaaaaaaay
i dint ge TIT
weeeoooh weeeoooh honk honk honk honk
i dont care! i dont care! i dont need you anyways! YA BITCHES!! *runs away*
he says bringin out the benjamins baby!
he says he aint gonna give you one cent
pure vanilla icecream
haha...i made a was funny till you said i made a funny
he says bring in the stuff bring in the stuff!
he says your under arrest
hes gonna run. no he aint. *runs* you owe me two bucks
Your mother is so stupid, that she started exercising to lose weight, when she could just get a liposuction, or something
what a nice chocolate man! ah ah ah ah!
i am so FRICK-IN pissed!
i dont make plans, it's not my style...oh shit!!
thats MY microphone!
theyr scouting me for asshole carrying the torch!
i didnt think nazi camp got out until 9! did you decide to skip arts and crafts? yes, i did.
today nobody stuffed me in my locker or singed off my ass hair!!
did we give up when pearl harbour was bombed?!?! i thought that movie made money??
joani loves chachi!
Go ahead, make your jokes, Mr. Jokey... Joke-maker. But let me hit you with some knowledge. Quit now. Save yourself the embarrassment of losing with these losers
nobody makes me bleed my own blood. NOBODY
I know you. You know you. And I know you know that I know you
and of course you know my fitness concigliery mee-chelle
fatty make a funny?
a skidmark on the underpants of society
you're adopted! you're parents dont even love you!
you're about as useful as a poopy-flavoured lollipop!
suck failure, freaks!
fuckin chuck norris
gotta go drain the main vein
It's time to separate the wheat from the chaff, the men from the boys, the awkwardly feminine from the possibly Canadian

Inside jokes with Ben:
ya fonzi
if the car ran into us id be like shoooooooo
haha we straightened ur hair
we hit a kid in the head and almost got thrown off the team lol good times good times
Bad Boys 2 ending good times
hold my poodle hold my poodle! you want some of this?!?! i'll take the both a you!


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